Aloe Blends

by The Honest Elephant
$ 20.00

THE Aloe Blends comes in a variety of formulas for your specific skin or hair care needs.  Made with aloe vera liquid and blended with organic waters to hydrate & tone for beautiful skin and healthy hair.  Fine most sprayer bottles are 3.4 ounces.

Aloe Blend & Rose Water - This blend will help balance out oil production on your skin and help soothe irritated scalps by restoring your hair's pH and injecting moisture.  

Aloe Blends & Lavender Water -  Excellent for calming skin after sun exposure.  This can also be used for treating all hair care issues, including helping to eliminate dandruff and can encourage hair growth to help you achieve longer, thicker hair.

Aloe Blend & Cucumber Water - Help your skin look younger and brighter by infusing the skin with needed nutrients. This is also a great remedy for dry skin and sun exposure.  For hair, this is great for hydration, helps strengthen hair and adds shine.